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Cherish International

At Cherish International, we believe that every life in every country should be cherished. Young mothers and their children are the most vulnerable here and around the world. Through partnership with local churches, we empower and equip them to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young mothers and their children today and for eternity. Join us in making a difference! Discover how you can be a part of this movement by reading below.


Cherish made its debut in Malawi in 2023, receiving an overwhelming response. Known as 'Konda,' which translates to 'love' in the local language, Cherish Malawi embodies this sentiment wholeheartedly. To date, 864 young mothers and 1683 children have experienced the warmth of care and support. This initiative marks a significant milestone for the local church, enabling monthly life skills sessions and personalized home visits to nurture spiritual growth. Malawi is one of the countries with the highest rates of malnutrition in kids. Looking ahead, our aim is to empower these young mothers to pursue careers that can help feed their children.

We Need You

Together we can make a difference

Join us in raising funds and awareness to help the young mothers in Malawi. Our next trip is June 2024.

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We're excited to expand our mission to Uganda in 2024 with the launch of Cherish Uganda. Through ongoing discussions and partnerships with local churches, we're preparing to take our first team of 14 to initiate this transformative journey. As we embark on this new chapter, we anticipate witnessing the remarkable ways in which God will work through Cherish to uplift and empower the lives of young mothers and their communities in Uganda.


Be part of the change.

Help us raise funds for our Uganda mission coming July 2024

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