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Holiday Events




Holiday Photography

Professional services


 Cherish Meeting Serving Team

The Cherish Serving Team meet needs in a variety of ways at the Cherish Meetings. The Cherish meeting is the 3rd Thursday of the month, and the Serving Team gathers at 3:30 for assignments and prayer.  Team members have an application and a training.

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 The Cherish Center

If you like doing administrative task or organizing supplies then the Cherish Center is for you! This is where most of the work for Cherish is done, and the moms have an opportunity to stop by for supplies and support. 

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Cherish Sponsors give a box of diapers each month with a note of encouragement for a mom and baby at Cherish. 

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Each mentors guides a Cherish mom through a 7 week discipleship and healing curriculum provided by Cherish. An application process and training is required.

Holiday Events

Many women and men who are not able to serve with Cherish on a monthly basis come together for our holiday events which are: The Mother's Day Gala, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Care Team

Each member of the Care Team is assigned 8 moms from Cherish. Care Team Members place calls on a monthly basis, asking how Cherish moms are doing, passing on key ministry information and offering to pray for them.

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The generosity of individuals, families, and local businesses enables children at Cherish to sleep in a safe place, travel in car seats and strollers, have educational toys, and have something to eat. 

Holiday Photography

Professional photographers can bless Cherish moms through their photography. Cherish pays for prints to be made for Mothers's Day and Christmas. *College students with experience editing video or editing pictures would also definitely be appreciated!

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Professional Resource

If you have career experience that would be useful to some of the moms at Cherish then you can serve as a professional resource. You must be open to occasional calls or texts when a mom needs your advice. Some of the career experience that is the most useful: Doctors, nurses, paralegals, eligibility workers, family lawyers, college counselor, special education teacher, lactation consultant, hiring coordinator, or any government job. 

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Individuals, families, and business enable Cherish to reach more teen moms, and provide hope for vulnerable families. Words cannot express how thankful we are for gifts!

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