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The Call

In 2011, Rachel Tucker received a call from a young lady Rachel had ministered to years before from the Imperial Courts Housing Project. "Theresa" had been home with her boyfriend and two children when her boyfriend had become angry and put a loaded gun to her head. He forced her on to her knees, and she begged him to not kill her in front of her kids. He pulled the trigger anyway, but the gun jammed. The police found and arrested the boyfriend, but Theresa was emotionally shattered and was calling for help. 


It was in that moment that the Lord spoke to Rachel, "This is happening all around you, but you don't know them." How few of the young moms who are beaten, raped, or abandoned have a Christian's phone number to call? 


Rachel received the commission to seek young moms, to protect the vulnerable, and to minister the healing power of Jesus.


While not all of the moms who come to Cherish have as dramatic of a history, a high percentage have experienced violence and an overwhelming message that they are invisible and unvalued.


Central to this ministry is the word cherish: loving, adoring, honoring, and valuing. Prior to young moms becoming financially responsible, continuing their education, becoming better moms, or coming to the Lord, we already love and honor them.

Another central theme to Cherish is spiritual mentorship, the charge to strategically impart to the next generation whatever the Lord has entrusted to you. Rachel met Naomi Beard as a young woman at The Church on the Way, and Naomi mentored her for 18 years until Naomi's sudden death. Naomi had a gift, to not only accurately see who a person was, but prophetically who they could be. She lived a life of dramatic surrender, and prioritized ministering to the Lord through a lifestyle of worship. In 2011, Naomi called Rachel to say that the teen mom ministry that was on her heart was from the Lord, and that Rachel needed to act on it. It was just the confirmation that Rachel needed, and Cherish was birthed. 

Naomi Beard with Rachel Tucker

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2016


About the Director

Rachel Tucker's passion for evangelism began 20 years ago when she started ministering to former drug addicts and trafficked women in Lynwood, California. She believes that once you have experienced outreach you will find a way to to do outreach for the rest of your life. She has taught and mentored juvenile offenders, mothers in housing projects, substance abusers, homeless women, and foster-care teens. Rachel's ultimate joy is to see people who have been wounded deeply find redemption and transformation as they discover their true identity in Christ. She wants to enable more moms use their gifts in ministry, and believe that God isn't looking for superstars, He wants tenderhearted people who will carry His love. Rachel and her husband Micah, served as urban and overseas missionaries for five years and she has ministered internationally in England, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Romania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Rachel seeks to empower women to boldly step into their calling as spiritual mothers to the next generation. 

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