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At Cherish, we believe that God made you for a special purpose and we want to do all we can to support you in being a great mother

Support Through Cherish

Cherish Meetings


Each month you will learn important things for young moms, and will receive support for making the best choices for your children. Food and child care are provided, so the Cherish meeting is a monthly highlight. This meeting is for young moms ages 13-24. 

Baby Supplies

At the end of the Cherish Meeting, you will have an opportunity to pick out the baby and toddler supplies that you need for your child or children. Lots of people give clothing, shoes, toys, maternity clothes and more, to be a blessing to you and your baby!

Diaper Sponsorship

Moms who attend Cherish meetings consistently each month will have the opportunity to get a Cherish Sponsor, and receive a box of diapers from her sponsor at the meeting.

The Cherish Center

A Safe Place for You

You can make an appointment throughout the month to

  • Sign up to be part of Cherish

  • Get baby gear (things like strollers and pack-n-plays, according to donations available)

  • Have a safe place to talk about what you’re going through

  • Create a resume or prepare for a job interview


There are two Cherish Mentoring Session per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Mentoring is an amazing opportunity to grow closer to God and experience healing from some of the hard things you have gone through in your life. Mentoring materials cost $100, but Cherish covers the cost. 

Special Events

Cherish hosts 4 holiday events per year to bless you and encourage you as a mom:

  1. Valentines Day: Happy Hearts Day

  2. Mother's Day Gala

  3. Thanksgiving Celebration

  4. Christmas: Gifts from Heaven

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