"We were gentle among you, just as a mother cherishes her own children." (I Thes. 2:7)

Cherish has shared the gift of unconditional love with more than 1,100 young moms and children since 2011. We believe that by investing in the mothers, we have the opportunity to impact two generations at one time. 

Our Mission


Cherish creates life-changing opportunities for pregnant teens and young moms through education, strategic resources, and mentoring. Each young mom at Cherish is empowered to recognize her intrinsic value, create a healthy home for her child, and transform her future. 

The heart of Cherish is our calling to share with young moms what God has shared with us. Every gift we have been given: our faith, education, resources, time, healing, and experience, are gifts that we can share.  

Cherish Provides

Baby Sleeping


Moms are not alone in finding a way to provide for their child

Cherish donors help young moms with essential baby care items like diapers, baby food, formula, baby and toddler clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, cribs and more. 

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Essential skills for building a health life

Topics include budgeting, conflict resolution, setting boundaries, developing healthy relationships, nutrition for every age, how to protect your child and more. 

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If she can provide for herself, she can create a safer environment for her child 

Cherish Team Members teach Interview Skills and Job Readiness classes, and help Cherish Moms prepare a resume. 



Young moms want to parent better than the way they were raised, we give the tools

Topics include understanding baby and toddler communication, setting limits, dealing with frustration, how to prevent child abuse, and creating healthy routines.

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At Cherish we are committed to loving you like you are part of our family

Each mom and each child are cherished. For young moms without family support, they will have the support of the Cherish family. 

Thank You Christmas Angels

2020 brought unprecedented levels of hardship to Cherish Moms, with 50% losing a job, 38% left without enough food, and 13% becoming homeless.


Cherish HopeBuilders helped us stay open every week of the shutdown to provide food, baby supplies, and essential services. HopeBuilders along with year-end donors made it possible for Cherish to meet the urgent needs of young moms and babies and to give them a Christmas to remember. Thank you!

Christmas Video



Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

The Cherish Team comes together to make these holiday events something that Cherish Moms look forward to all year long.



No matter how difficult the situation, Cherish Moms have unending support

Moms can get prayer support day or night and we have seen countless miracles through answered prayer. Moms also have access to Cherish Footsteps mentoring.

Mother and Baby

Become a HopeBuilder

Cherish HopeBuilders are monthly donors who make it possible for us to provide consistent services for young moms. Thank you HopeBuilders for making a difference every month!

Baby Room

Baby Item Donations

COVID restrictions make scheduling a little more challenging, so if you are planning on bringing a donation to the Cherish Center, please schedule an appointment.